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7 Reasons To Take KickBoxing Classes

1 ) Confidence boosting comes from the fact that you get real fighting experience with quality opponents and knowing that you have the technique and the strength to back it up. Therefor you are sure that you can defend yourself in almost every situation.
This also increases your confidence around woman because you obtain new attractive qualities that simply attract woman .

2 ) Body building
There are many ways to build strong and sexy body. The thing I like about the kickboxing method is that it fully and equally hardens the whole body. Building stamina, toning your muscles and burning calories.

3 ) Fulfillment
Kickboxing can bring great amount of excitement to your life. Every kickboxing class has something unique and fun. This is almost the full package, everything you need to make your day worthwhile : adrenaline, fun, power and success .

4 ) Health
The constant hard training conditions your body to be ready for the planed intense training thus making it stronger and preparing it for the next attack or demand. Kick boxing classes can help to improve your cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and coordination.
5 ) Meeting new quality people.
People who train and take care of their body tend to develop the attractive characteristics. This makes the gym ideal place for expanding your social circle. Maybe finding a great girlfriend / boyfriend.
6 ) The Energy is in direct connection with the physical activity you are doing on a daily basis.The physical work done is proportional with your energy level.This means that after hard training you actually feel refreshed and energized.

7 ) Stress relief
Unleashing the fury or anger on the hard punching bag can make wonders. You get out of the gym like a new man. Clean!

Kickboxing Equipment : 3 Most Important Questions About Boxing Gloves

This article will give you the answer to the 3 most important questions about boxing gloves :

- What types of gloves are there ?
- What are they used for ?
- What Brand should I buy?

1 ) Types of Gloves :

The weight of a boxing glove is measured in ounces. The range can be between 6oz to 18oz. However people will rarely go under an 8oz gloves or over a 16oz, so for the purpose of this post we will say the range is between 8oz to 16oz. I will now provide a synopsis of why you would choose a particular oz.

2 ) What Type of Gloves are for What ?

8oz and 10oz Gloves: These two ounces are the weight of a glove you would use if you went in for a professional fight. However some people will use these ounces for pad and bag work as opposed to use bag gloves. The reason why is that the added weight will build strength and punching power.

12oz Gloves: Generally these gloves are used for pad and bag work. They can also be used for light free sparring. No hard head shots.

14oz and 16oz Gloves: These two ounces are generally used for free sparring. The heavier the oz of gloves relates to how much padding is in the glove. It is important that you use at least a 14oz gloves when free sparring this is not only for your protection, but also your partners.

3 ) Brands

I would always recommend buying a branded name when it comes to boxing gloves. A good pair of boxing gloves can last you years. However a copied and unknown brands can be inferrer and only last a few months. I have seen copied and unknown branded gloves with the dye coming out after one training session and the leather splitting because its made of pvc. The main brands I would recommend are Fairtex, Twins and MTG.

PS. When wearing boxing gloves you should wear hand wraps to reduce injury.

Next article will be about : Muau Thai Equipment – Shin Pads

4 Reasons For Getting Good KickBoxing Equipment

1) Safety always comes first.
We all have the need to feel certain. Investing in this is always a good idea. Getting boxing gloves to protect your hands or getting head protection for safer sparing is a good idea. This will make your training easy and will eliminate most of the risks of breaking something.
2) Effectiveness by definition the time spent to do some job.
In this case this is exercise , loosing fat , training and learning techniques. Jump rope or a boxing bag can have huge impact on your effectiveness.
3) Enjoyment can be increased by adding some variety to your workout and stepping out of some routines. Bringing new kickboxing equipment can just do that and enhance your enjoyment in the training.
4) Motivation
The fact that you spent money and time on the kickboxing equipment puts you in a state of mind where you have the leverage to do the workout, to loose the fat !

You can buy kickboxing equipment from our Store

The Kickboxing Beginner success checklist :

So you want to start training kickboxing ?

Congratulations you are taking the first step to becoming internally and externally strong person.
Below I have compiled a list you can use as a guidelines that will help you ensure your success in kick boxing.

So Here is the check list :

- I found guidance from a coach .
- I compared my coach with other professionals out there.
- I did a full research to find all kick boxing benefits and I compared them to other sports.
- I have the required level of discipline to stick trough the first month .
- I made sure that I will stick trough the first month even if I don’t think I have the discipline.
- I know why I want to do this, I know the deeper reasons why I want to take kickboxing classes and they sound okay.
- I am enthusiastic about this.
- I know how much is this going to cost me, both the time and the money.

- I know what kickboxing equipment I must get.

Hey ! If you haven’t done all of the above don’t panic, its okay. You don’t have to check ALL of them. It is possible to succeed without having all of the requirements checked, but it is easier for you if you had.

Here are some secondary things you want know that will help you avoid some of the usual bumps :

- Make sure you wont burn yourself up in the start. You should start training slow, it is crucial for you to develop strong fundamental skills.
- Do not, EVER , under any circumstances say : “I can’t do this”, you are digging your own grave with this.
- Take time to relax, Do not over train, have at least one free day in the weekend.

Again if you haven’t met all of the requirements please don’t panic, you can always start working on them NOW. Plus you don’t need to fulfill all of them.

Muay Thai KickBoxing equipment essentials

If you are looking for starter equipment for muay kickboxing and you don’t know exactly what to look for then this article will help you find that information.

Shorts Kickboxing

Before we start about the equipment its important to understand why do we want to get it in the first place. After this has been told we will cover the kickboxing equipment essentials and after that I will give to you some extra information on advanced Muay Thai Equipment.

So what do we get with the equipment ?

Well we get to things. The First and most important thing is safety. If we did not use any equipment injuries would be very common and often. I for my self have injured my elbows without proper training equipment.

And the second plus we get from the muay kickboxing equipment is that we start training efficiently. This is because with the equipment we can do all the deferent exercises witch are more optimized for us.

Without further due, lets get on the point.

What are the Muay Thai Kick Boxing Equipment Essentials ?

The Basics are Bag Gloves, Another 12-18 oz gloves for sparing, Hand Wraps, Shin Pads, Jump Rope, Shock Doctor Cup.

We need two types of gloves. One for the bag and one for sparing. I will cover Boxing Gloves in detail in my next article. For now, just remember that you need 1 pair of 10-12 oz gloves for bag and one pair of 14 – 18 oz gloves for sparing.

Hand Wraps are used to prevent injury on the joints and to stop irritating the skin with the sweat and the gloves. Shin Pads. Jump Rope is obvious. And Shock Doctor Cup is a must for men. Yes, kicking in the groin is not allowed but, shit happens, get the groin protector, for the sake of your future family !

Everlast Boxing Gloves

The less expensive version of this would be :

The Budget Version :

Hand wraps, a good pair of bag gloves and another set of boxing gloves, say about 12oz-18oz.

This is what you must get, its the essential with 0 % fat. All the other things the gym should supply you with. Such as jump ropes, head gear, shin pads (you may want your own for sanitary reasons) and etc.

Now that we covered the basics, lets see what else can we use to improve our training experience.

Advanced Version :

The essentials version + Belly Pad, Thai Pads, Focus Mitts and Head Gear. This equipment will boost efficiency and safety to another level. But its quite expensive. I suggest you start of with the most essential and then build on that.

Now you know what equipment is essential and what is not.

Hope this information helps,
My next post will be about Boxing Gloves In Detail

Cya soon my frends.

Kickboxing Equipment : 3 Types Of Mouth Guards

Safety is the most important thing in the kickboxing equipment and having good Mouth Guards will provide some safety for sparing, they will protect your jaw and teeth for breaking and they will even absorb some force from the impact.

Stock Mouth Guard – > BUDGET

Price range from 1$ – 15$

This a type of mouth guard you buy and use without modifying it in any


It is simple to use, you just choose your size, spend 5 bucks, put it in the mouth and you are good to go.

However this type of mouth guard has the lowest rating. Why? Because it offers the least protection, least comfort, least durability and is makes breathing and speaking hard.

So basically you get :

*Lowest protection
*Lowest Comfort
*Lowest Durability
*Hard to breathe
*Hard to speak

→ Not recommended for long term use

Boil And Bite Mouth Guard

Price range from 5$- 30$

They are called boil and bite for a reason. This type of mouth guard is made of a material that can be shaped to your specific needs when exposed to higher temperature.

This means that you first put the mouth guard in boiling water and then you bite it, thus shaping it to your unique specifications.

So compared to the stock Mouth Guard you get :

→ Better protection.
→ Air channel for breathing while clinched.
→ More Comfort.
→ Warranty for your teeth safety

Other Pros :
* Easy to use
* Cheap

Cons :
* Deteriorates over time
* Breathing and speaking are often difficult (depends on the model)

→ Money well spent

Custom Mouth Guard

Price : 40$  +

Custom Mouth guards are the ones made by dentist using a mold of your teeth. They are a super fit to your mouth and they offer the best protection and comfort. Custom guards are also additionally shaped to increase their effectiveness for your particular sport.

Pros :
*The highest degree of comfort, protection, and durability.
*Minimal interference with breathing and speech.
*Maintain position in mouth without effort by the user.

Cons :

*You have to go to the dentist to create a mold from your teeth.
*You have to wait at least 10 days for the mouth guard to be created.

Highly Recommended for professionals.

There, now you can make a good choice when buying your new MOUTH GUARD. I would recommend avoiding stock mouth guards because you can get 2-3 times better quality by just adding few more bucks and buying Boil And Bite Mouth guard.

And if you are training seriously you should consider buying a Custom Mouth guard, its really worth the money.

Thank you for reading.

Ps. I really appreciate when the readers give me feedback so I would be really thankful if you left a comment.

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Kickboxing Equipment : 4 Types Of Shin Pads Explained

Shin pads are an essential part of any martial artist’s – training equipment, therefore it is important to understand which shin pads will be best suited to your needs.

The 4 Shin Pads Types :

1. Cotton Foamed Filled Elasticated
2. Synthetic/Leather Standard
3. Synthetic/Leather Special Prints
4. Synthetic/Leather Double In-Step

Cotton Fliled Shin Pads

The Cotton Foamed Filled Elasticated are the cheapest and offer the least protection.

However this doesn’t mean they should be automatically discarded. The least protection is enough, I recommend everyone that starts taking kickboxing classes get cotton shin pads to start with.

The best thing about them is that they are very light weight.

The biggest draw back is that they have a tendency of moving around your calf and often need readjusting to cover your shin again.

The Synthetic/Leather Standard are the preferred choice and best seller in the kickboxing community. They offer superior protection than the cotton foamed ones and due to their Velcro straps and elasticated foot straps they do not move as much.

The only draw back is that they are slightly heavier than the cotton foamed ones.

However Twins have compensated for this with their SGL-3 shin pad, which is very light weight and was designed with tournament usage in mind, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it for training as well.

The Synthetic/Leather Special Print are exactly the same construction to a Synthetic/Leather Standard shin pad. The only thing that differs is the color and design on the shin pad (And the price)

Synthetic/Leather Double In-Step

The main difference is the amount of padding they use in it. They use this padding to form a raised shin ridge running down the shin and instep for additional protection.

These pads are also 30% lighter than the stand shin pads enabling you to deliver your kicks harder and faster. They are the same as SGL-3 but with more protection.

What type of shin pads do you use ?
Hit me with a comment !